Tabitha Philen, Founder Inspired Bloggers NetworkBlogging can be a very solitary career and sometimes you need a coach to evaluate your business and show you where you can make changes that will push your business forward. With the Private Blogging Mentorship, you will partner with Tabitha Philen, founder of the Inspired Bloggers University and full-time blogger, to evaluate your business and create a solid plan to move your blog towards your goals.

"My personal goal is to see each blogger I mentor achieve their goals but even more than that... I want to see them exceed their own expectations, creating profitable businesses that enhance each individual's self-esteem, relationships, and finances." Tabitha Philen, Inspired Bloggers University Founder

Whether you are seeking to build traffic, make money, master social media, create products, approach the media, or have no idea what to do next, a blogging mentorship with Tabitha can help you.


Or three monthly payments of $450.

Your Personal Mentor

Invest in a mentorship and build a unique relationship with Tabitha Philen, founder of the Inspired Bloggers University, as your coach. She will evaluate your business and work with you to create a plan for future success.

Contact Tabitha to set up your free 15 minute interview.

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  • Theresa B.
    Prior to beginning my mentorship with Tabitha, I had a lot of fears and barriers blocking my way to taking action. But once I began my mentorship, I really started walking my journey out of my introvert shell, and she built confidence in me to tackle some of the issues that in my mind was beyond my abilities. She walked me through how to break down the steps into smaller chunks with quick wins, and achieving them, kicking me into gear when I needed it the most.
    Theresa B.
  • Jennifer
    Not only was Tabitha genuinely happy to help me get my blogging in order, she seemed really interested in building me up emotionally, and supporting me. Having Tabitha as my mentor has changed my outlook on my business. It’s not just a blog, it’s a business and I am in charge of it’s future. That no longer seems scary and daunting, but exciting!
  • Exclusively Yours

    Space is extremely limited so you have Tabitha's complete attention

  • Twelve Weeks

    No need to rush as you spend 12 weeks working with Tabitha as your guide

  • Review & Blog Critique

    Questionnaire and website critique for optimizing for page views and monetizing

  • FREE Interview

    Know if mentorship is right for you before you pay anything with a free 15 minute interview

  • 1-Hour Initial Consultation

    Use the first coaching call to define your current situation and outline your goals for the next 3 months

  • 5 Face-to-Face Private Meetings

    Continue growing with 30-minute coaching calls bi-weekly to evaluate your progress towards your goal

  • Final Goal-Setting Call

    Complete the mentorship program with actionable goals for 3, 6, and 12 months

  • 1-year Annual Membership

    Access every Inspired Bloggers University class with a complimentary Annual Membership


Not sure if Private Mentorship will work for you?

Each mentorship starts with a FREE 15-minute phone call with Tabitha. If you leave the conversation uncertain this investment is what you need to push your blogging business to the next level, walk away and pay nothing. No questions asked.

Invest with confidence

Contact Tabitha to set up your FREE 15-minute interview to see if mentorship is right for you.

Contact Info

A payment plan is available.

Week-By-Week Summary

  1. Week One: 1-hour Initial Call via private hangout to define your blogging purpose and focus a plan for the next 12 weeks

  2. Week Two: Receive blog evaluation in mp4 format with checklist and 30-minute follow-up call via private hangout to discuss blog evaluation and any questions

  3. Week Three: Email follow-up if needed

  4. Week Four: 30-minute follow up meeting via private hangout

  5. Week Five: Email follow-up if needed

  6. Week Six: 30-minute follow up meeting via private hangout 

  7. Week Seven: Email follow-up if needed

  8. Week Eight: 30-minute follow up meeting via private hangout

  9. Week Nine: Email follow-up if needed

  10. Week Ten: 30-minute follow up meeting via private hangout

  11. Week Eleven: Email follow-up if needed

  12. Week Twelve: Final 30-minute goal setting call via private hangout for 3 months, 6 months, and one year plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a private mentorship different from coaching or a "pick my brain" session?

Small questions can easily be discussed during a "pick my brain" session. Slightly larger issues can be answered during coaching calls. However, when you hang up the phone, you are on your own to implement and tweak. With private coaching, you have exclusive access to Tabitha who helps you create an action plan and encourages you through to success for 12 weeks.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you can make three monthly payments of $325.

How do I know mentorship will work for me?

If you have been looking for a personalized program where you can have a mentor take your hand and guide you through the next stage of your blogging business, telling you exactly what to do and how to do it, mentorship is for you.

What level of blogger will benefit from private mentorship?

A blogger with any level of experience can participate in the private mentorship and see tremendous results since the program is personalized based on your experience and definition of success.