• Tabitha Philen, Founder Inspired Bloggers NetworkFrustrated and alone in your pursuit of blogging success?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by so many intricate pieces to blogging?
  • Getting lost in a hamster wheel, going in circles and wondering what you should do next?
  • Is your spouse tired of the ideas you are constantly bouncing around?

No one understands you better than another blogger... except maybe a group of bloggers all intent on success.

What is Mastermind Jumpstart?

If you long for a mastermind group of five or six other bloggers with whom you can meet on a bi-weekly basis, Mastermind Jumpstart can help.

Through the Mastermind Jumpstart program, you will be matched with a group of 5 to 6 like-minded bloggers with whom you will meet in a video chat bi-weekly.


STEP ONE - After you purchase Mastermind Jumpstart, you will receive the link to a survey where you will share information about your blog, goals, experience, and availability.

STEP TWO - Your answers will be analyzed by Inspired Bloggers University Founder and full-time blogger, Tabitha Philen. Based on your answers and availability, she will place you with others seeking to challenge and encourage you.

STEP THREE - At the first 6 meetings of your new mastermind group, Tabitha will meet with you as the moderator, training your group to become a successful and lasting mastermind.

STEP FOUR - You will continue to meet and collaborate with your mastermind group at bi-weekly meetings to discuss your current issues, set accountable goals, and forge meaningful relationships.

Together with the your mastermind group, you will evaluate your business and create a solid plan to move towards your goals.

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Your Partners for Success

Unite with other bloggers intent on achieving success with the Mastermind Jumpstart.

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  • Jumpstart your network

    Build longterm relationships with up to five other bloggers with similar success goals

  • Jumpstart your meetings

    Tabitha Philen serves as your moderator and coach for two months to ensure your mastermind group is meaningful and organized.

  • Jumpstart a private group

    Get additional feedback with access to a group reserved just for your mastermind group

  • Jumpstart your success

    Renew your passion for blogging with new ideas as you collaborate with other bloggers


Registration is currently closed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be in my mastermind group?

Participants complete an interest survey and are grouped together based on similar goals and experience levels. While we cannot promise you will be partnered with a particular person, niche, or group, we do our very best to create a group that will benefit all of the participants involved.

When are the meetings held and how?

Meetings are held bi-weekly in a private Google Hangout. The time will be selected based on the results of the interest survey. 

For how long is Tabitha in the group and meetings?

Tabitha will be an active participant in the private group and meetings for the first 6 meetings.

What if my mastermind group does not work for me?

After the first two months, you will have to opportunity to leave the mastermind group, and we will try to place you in a new group. However, a new placement cannot be guaranteed and no refunds will be given.

What kind of commitment is involved?

If you register for Mastermind Jumpstart, you are committing to invest into the lives and businesses of up to six other bloggers for at least three months. Meetings will be held bi-weekly (with special consideration around holidays) and MUST be attended.

What happens after Tabitha leaves the group?

The mastermind group will be a self-sustaining community, continuing to function through bi-weekly meetings and private group even after Tabitha steps down as moderator.