• Create a Pinterest-Friendly Blog

    Make simple changes to encourage readers to pin your content to Pinterest, increasing the number of organic pins from your blog.

  • Curate a Beautiful Pinterest Account

    Increase your Pinterest following with an eye-popping Pinterest profile page, boards, and pinball images.

Change your blog's traffic with Pinterest

On average, bloggers with pin-friendly blogs and active Pinterest accounts receive 60% to 90% of their referral traffic from Pinterest.

A set of tools on the workers check Shirt

In about an hour, you can perform a complete assessment of your blog and Pinterest account using the DIY Pinteresting Assessment. Through this review, you will learn how to optimize your website to engage Pinterest users as well as how to create a Pinterest account that attracts followers to click through your pins to learn more about your blog.

Blow Up Your Traffic Now
  • Ann, Ann's Entitled Life
    I already changed three things this morning. I can't even tell you how much money I've spent to try and figure out Pinterest with far less results. There are several more suggestions I need to implement.
    Ann, Ann's Entitled Life
  • Amee, Madame Deals
    Honestly, some of the tips I hadn't seen in any book or article, and I read as much as I can get my hands on.
    Amee, Madame Deals
DIY Pinterest Assessment

Watch a 30 minute audio/video (MP4) of a live Pinteresting Assessment filled with tips and technical help.

Walk step by step through a worksheet suggesting changes to your blog and Pinterest account.

Is the DIY Pinterest Assessment worth it?

The DIY Pinterest Assessment is designed to help bloggers look at their websites with fresh eyes and make strategic changes that will encourage readers to pin more content.

Wouldn't it be easier to have an expert look at my Pinterest account?

Having a Pinterest expert review your account costs between $100 and $1200. Save the money by using the DIY Pinterest Assessment to find problematic issues and correct the problems without the hefty price tag.

Exactly what do I receive in the DIY Pinterest Assessment?

Within the DIY Pinterest Assessment, you receive an MP4 audio/video guiding you through a live Pinterest assessment performed by Pinterest expert and Inspired Bloggers University founder, Tabitha Philen. Then, to help you review your own blog and Pinterest account, you receive a step-by-step worksheet including instructions and links to helpful tools.

But I know everything about Pinterest. How will this help me?

Even bloggers who are successfully using Pinterest to increase blog traffic learn something new from the DIY Pinterest Assessment and experience a significant return on the time it takes to update and refresh their blogs and Pinterest accounts.

Who created this product and what experience does she have?

Tabitha Philen created the DIY Pinterest Assessment based on her personal experience growing a Pinterest account to over 60,000 followers and using it to generate traffic to her blog at MeetPenny.com. Unlike some "Pinterest experts," Tabitha's strategies are tested and proven to bring tremendous results.

  • Kelly, Redefined Mom
    I have five post-it notes filled with items to help maximize Pinterest and gain traffic.
    Kelly, Redefined Mom
  • Gwen, Gwen's Nest
    I’ve been blogging for several years and had LOTS of Pinterest boards and pins, but the DIY Pinterest Assessment really opened my eyes as to how to use my boards to promote and extend the reach of my blog… something I’d never considered before! With a few changes, and some re-arranging, I’ve seen a 40% rise in visitors, and a 30% rise in engagement just this month! WOOT!
    Gwen, Gwen's Nest

Increase Your Blog Traffic

Right now, Pinterest is the simplest way to generate blog traffic. Do not delay in optimizing your blog and Pinterest account, harnessing the power of this social media phenomena.

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