If you had everything you needed to build a successful blogging business, what could possibly hold you back?

Break the barriers and push towards blogging success with the extensive resources available through Inspired Bloggers University membership. Each course, printable, audio, and video is designed specifically to empower you to reach your vision.

The Inspired Bloggers University has the products you need to master, implement, and excel. 

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Easy monthly payments.

Instant access to every class created for the Inspired Bloggers University by Tabitha Philen.

Tons of free printables, videos, and audios.

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Why choose Inspired Bloggers University?

  • Lisa
    I have blogged for years because I enjoy writing, but I have lacked solid, concise direction regarding the business aspects. Lifetime Membership was an investment I couldn't afford to NOT make. When I had an unexpected surge [in blog traffic] this fall, I credited the growth to the lessons I've learned and am learning here. I chose Lifetime Membership because I wanted to be sure I had access to anything new that Tabitha developed in the coming years. I know she's committed to furthering her education, which means I'll always have someone on the road ahead of me ready to break it down.
  • Jennifer
    I purchased Lifetime Membership as a newer blogger because I wanted guidance in doing things from the get go so that I wouldn't have to fix what I did wrong later. I place a huge value on having confidence in what I am doing because I know that in going through the courses, I am doing them right. Having the confidence to create products, approach advertisers, and work with brands has been huge, and made the membership pay for itself.
  • Erica
    I have been working through the Inspired Bloggers University courses as a Lifetime Member to enhance my blog. Since I have been blogging for three steady years and have seen little growth, I knew I needed to up my game. The classes are easy to navigate, packed full of information, and I have seen growth from implementing the instructions! I'm on my way - this will be the year for success.

Coming in 2017 for members...

Product: Creating Products Your Audience Will Buy                             Launch: The Step-By-Step Formula for Product Launch Success

Members have instant access to eight courses, worksheets, audios, webinars, videos, and a private community for members with new resources added regularly.

The following assets coming in 2017:

  • First access to the new e-course, PRODUCTS: Creating the Products Your Audience Will Buy
  • A new Q&A video library filled with tutorials and advice
  • Makeover Monday continues with one member selected for a live website review each week
  • Live lessons that correspond to seasonal challenges beginning in January

But what makes Inspired Bloggers University different?

With so many experts pushing so many classes, why should you choose Inspired Bloggers University? How is IBU different?

  • An incremental process for building a successful blogging business

The courses and resources at Inspired Bloggers University are not random classes tossed together. Each course is created as a roadmap to establish a strong foundation and grow a successful blog.

Whether you are just beginning or more established in your blogging career, you can jump in and find the exact resources you need to take your blog to the next step.

  • Transparent and complete courses without gaps

Inspired Bloggers University courses are also completely comprehensive. Nothing is kept secret. You have immediate access to the information it took Tabitha YEARS to learn and master.

  • Tutorials and worksheets to help you implement and start seeing results immediately

Every course and download includes HOW tutorials with the reasons WHY you should. Classes are primarily text based but most include video tutorials where needed as well as printable worksheets, cheat sheets, and additional helps.

  • Blogging friends who understand what you do

Blogging can feel lonely but we have a supportive community always available. If the private Facebook group for members does not yield an answer quick enough, the Inspired Bloggers Network Facebook group hosts over 10,000 eager and super responsive bloggers ready to help.

  • Live examples and tutorials hosted each week

Join Inspired Bloggers University Founder, Tabitha Philen, in our private Facebook group each week for Makeover Monday, a live blog critique of one randomly selected paid member.

  • An accessible blogging mentor who never disappears

Tabitha is very active in all Inspired Bloggers University and Inspired Bloggers Network Facebook groups. Broadcasting live on Facebook, you can pop in and ask questions at any time. Or, reach her by private message on Facebook or tweet on Twitter as she manages her own accounts.

  • No commitment

There are no contracts! Cancel your membership at any time.

  • Cynthia
    I've taken many other courses, but Inspired Bloggers University is the best! It's well organized, thorough, supportive, and a great value. As a beginner, I found many other classes lacked the technical nuts and bolts Tabitha covers in the Scratch class. Tabitha is authentic, real, and accessible. She's regularly on the FB pages, Periscope, and email. She's generous with her time, knowledge, and caring. I'm not an affiliate, just a grateful student.
  • Shelley
    I have taken other courses but the ones I LOVE are the ones Tabitha offers. Not only are her courses good, but her Facebook groups are great! I can honestly say that this is my "go to" group when I need a question answered. The other members are generous and helpful beyond my expectations. But interestingly enough, it's frequently Tabitha herself who jumps in and answers my question. I've sent Tabitha emails - she responds. I've sent her Facebook messages - she responds. When I reach out for help, it's there. I became a lifetime member and it's been hands down the best money I ever spent - I consider it an investment in myself and my blog.

Frequently asked questions

How often is the monthly membership billed and when can it be cancelled?

Monthly memberships are processed every 30 days starting on the date you enroll but can be cancelled at any time through the members profile page. Access ends immediately upon cancellation without refund or proration so make note of your billing date.

What happens to my membership after the 5 Day Trial?

If you do not cancel prior to the end of the trial, you will be charged $39 and become a Monthly Membership automatically. However, there is not a contract and you can cancel at any time.

Meet Inspired Bloggers University founder

Tabitha Philen, Founder Inspired Bloggers NetworkThe Inspired Bloggers University was created by Tabitha Philen in April 2014 as the educational extension of the Inspired Bloggers Network, a Facebook group where she actively mentored thousands of bloggers from around the globe.

By continuously adding resources to the InspiredBU, Tabitha's mission is to help bloggers achieve success through education and networking.

Tabitha has blogged since 2010, posting about her frugal family lifestyle at MeetPenny.com and budget-friendly recipes at FrugalFamilyFavorites.com. 

Connect with Tabitha: Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram / YouTube